Volumio as DLNA Server (Stream to other DLNA device)

Hi there.

First of all congratulations for the new Volumio2, I really like it.
But I am missing a feature I really loved using the Volumio 1.xx version, using Volumio as DLNA Server to stream music to other DLNA devices.
This way I could access all my music not only with the Volumio interface at home in the living room but also with my Android cell phone working in the garden or in the workshop.

Would be nice to make this feature available again.


HI Chris, I’m currently tinkering with this:


It’s available in the Raspbian repo so you just:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install minidlna

[Edit your configuration files to point to your music, etc.]

sudo service minidlna start

Putting this in the main Volumio distro would be terrific though.

Yes, we’re working on a plugin for that!

Way to go, Michelangelo! :slight_smile:

I’ve got it running miniDLNA right now - and it’s just… (makes sound of man getting into a nice warm bed).

Yeah… just like that. It’s a great little distro - can’t wait for the plugin though.

Something to help administer the mounts & SAMBA shares (to a limited degree, obviously) from the web interface would be handy too. My existing setup on an OrangePI H3 serves video quite competently (albeit to a single client without transcoding) but I’m not sure I should really advertise that on a system meant for (gasp) audio.

Thanks for all your work though. We scriptkiddies out here really appreciate it.