Volumio as a PA system

Hi evryone

I came to Volumio when i was looking for a software to suit my needs, and i’ll give it a try.
What i was looking for was a little system (like a raspberry) to run music in loop in a theme park.
The simplest thing i’ve thought is a Pi looping audio files in a directory, but there are some feature that would be nice for me, like having several playlists (one with music, one with music + announces), and a way to schedule them would also be nice. I don’t know if Volumio can handle that i manage to test it (website does not give any technical info at all). Anyone here that knows if it can? Or knows another software better suited for what i’m looking for?

Thanks in advance.
Marco Paglioni

Hi Kedryn

we are already using volumio in a similar setup.

We are using rpi2, and now adding raspberry pi 3 to the setup.

The architecture:

  • raspberry pi’s with volumio on them
  • we connect them by lan or wifi and let them on dhcp
  • we developed a backend/frontend (webiste) on the internal network where we can create and populate playlists, and also administer what each player should play
  • we enable cron
  • we have a bash script that is called every minute
  • the bash script connects to a certain action on our backend and sends his ip and hostname
  • on the backend we check if the player is already known and we tell him what his playlist, volume and hostname should be
  • the player adjusts its setting and starts playing the playlist indicated, and adjusts its hostname, volume etc
  • if the player calls the backend and it’s not registered yet, we populate a “new player” list and an operator assigns it a name and a playlist

We were planning to describe the system in detail and promote it, to offer it as a hw/sw solution for others that may need a similar setup, but we’ve been busy with larger projects.

Let me know if you need more details.