Volumio as a DNLA Renderer only?

Hey all,

I have just ordered a Raspberry Pi 2 so I can give Volumio a go.

I do have a couple of questions that maybe someone can help me with.

Firstly, I plan to us the Pi and Volumio as a DNLA renderer only. I.E not use Volumio as a music database if that makes sense. I want to continue to use my Synology and Audio Station as my music server and use the Audio Station app to play music as it supports playing to a DNLA renderer. Will this work?

And secondly, assuming the answer to the above is yes. Will I be able to stream DSD files (the Synology/Audio Station supports streaming DSD files)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


No problem to use your Volumio as DLNA render ! Even if I had never test Audio Station :wink:
For the dsd, don’t know…
Let us known the result !


I setup the Pi and Volumio and it works perfectly :smiley:

I have the Pi connected to the network via Ethernet and to my Denon DA300USB Dac via USB.

I have my music stored on my Synology DS414 NAS and can use the Synology Audio Station app to play/send music to the Pi/Volumio to play via the DAC.

Works flawlessly and does indeed support DSD streaming and playback :smiley:

Using the Audio Station app for iOS is great for browsing and playing music to devices like DNLA renderers and as a bonus you can download music to the iDevice for offline playback when out and about. Much better than most iOS DNLA app that, for the most part, aren’t that great!