Volumio application (minus OS) on an ARM based router

While I love my Pi with Volumio and USB DAC I recently bought a new home router (ASUS RT-N18U).
This router is capable of running open source tomato firmware and a specific build of the Shibby variant is now available.
There are examples of users being able to get MPD installed on tomato based routers so this got me thinking why can’t we get the smarts from Volumio obviously minus the OS ported to ARM based routers?

Clearly this would be a USB DAC option as there would be no way of getting sound out of a router :slight_smile:
As my primary use for Volumio is to stream BBC radio 15 hours per day there is a power/energy saving opportunity here - ie I can power down the Pi and reduce my lecky bills (ever so slightly) :wink:

Here are the links to the Shibby tomato pages:

RT-N18U image download:

What do you think?

Thank you!

Craig in Hong Kong.

I like the idea, and I’m thinking about this… But no on router but on this:
indiegogo.com/projects/voco … -with-wifi

I have 2… Bought for this reason…
A standalone volumio package is not scheduled, as Volumio is more an OS (with optimizations, utils etc…)