Volumio app on my phone can't see the phones hotspot as a wifi network even with static IP

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.907 and both spotify plugins.
Hardware:Volumio on RPi 3B and App on Android 8.0 phone
DAC:B&O AFD-1200 via usb ( shows as HM )

I don’t have any wifi except for my phones own hotspot which gives all my devices internet via the 4G network.
I can see the Volumio Pi on the wifi network from every device on the network, including Win10, RPi4B and my android phone. All my IP’s are static and known.
From a web browser via it’s IP, I can control the Volumio RPi3 device from any/all of my other devices using the volumio webserver without any issues. I can also use Spotify on my PC and phone to control it,

I’ve downloaded the android app but when I try to use it it says “You are not connected to a wi-fi network” even though my phones hotspot is running. I tried setting the Static IP for the Volumio RPi but it does not help.

Any one got any ideas?

Nothing you can do about that, the official app does have check for wifi state before it allows you to connect, unfortunately android does not let the applications know if hotspot is active.

So what needs to be done, is to remove wifi state check from the official application, only then it will work for device which is acting as the hotspot.