Volumio android app, ways to imrpove?

Is the Android App crap for everyone or just me? I have Volumio installed on 3 different models of Raspbery pi’s in my house. Mainly I use them for Spotify connect for which I have the plugin installed in Volumio. This works great but I also like to use Volumio for web radio and for this I need to access Volumio. The app is pretty much unusable. When it does work its painfully slow but for the most part it just locks up and does nothing.
I can access the gui on each device using a my laptop by entering the IP address into a web browser. This works pretty well but its not a convenient solution. At least I know it’s the app at fault though as it works fine on a laptop…

Can anything be done to make the android app work better?

We hear you.
We switched about one year ago to react native which Brought many advantages.
The problem is that it works really well on ios but on android it can be painfully slow.
We were not able to find a solution yet but we are committed to solve it. Sorry and thanks for your patience

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