Volumio Android App BETA Testing Programme

Hello again. Some more quick feedback from me. The app has been really good and stable and connects to my 3 raspberry Pi’s running the latest Volumio dev versions.

Having 3 Volumio devices is causing the volumio app to only pick one at random to display its controls in the notifications for android. I would assume it is the first one found when it does it’s initial seatch. It would be good to have the last used or a selection of devices for the notification and controls.

The other very minor thing I noticed is that when changing the background image it isn’t possible to choose an image from the Android devices storage since the dialog won’t pop up like itndoes in the web interface on chrome.

My android version is 6.0 (LG firmware)
Volumio app version us 2.652

Since upgrading my tablet to Android 7, I’ve noticed that almost every time my tablet goes into sleep with Volumio as the active, displayed app, when I wake it again, Volumio has the “Can’t find device on network screen”. I don’t ever remember seeing this when I was running Android 6.


Is development dead? If so please pull the app.

Why? I use it constantly. :open_mouth:

Yep, using it all days without a problem. Do you have any new feature to propose, found some bug?

Two things are broken vs the web version on Chrome. Not critical items and I use the App every day too.

  1. Back button on Android app does nothing. In chrome it takes you back as expected.
  2. The photo chooser doesn’t work in the App for changing background image. In chrome it works fine.