Volumio and tidal

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: latest
Hardware: raspbery pi4
DAC: Allo Boss

Not sure which sucks more, mobile app or web version when using Tidal…

If you cannot maintain it properly, remove it, or write that this is still Alhpa version ( forever ).

Im not gonna list all issues, dont have time to that…

  • randomly stops
  • takes long time to start playing
  • if i select one song, after long time it starts different one, lol
  • mobile app can crash
  • mobile app, if you return to app agter a longer time, cannot stop, pause,skip… need to go back all the way, and select all from beggining wtf?!
    -similar with web version
  • update of volumio may break things such like no sound :slight_smile:
  • when you try to play somethin on Tidal, nothing happen, for a longer time it can start playing or not, if you press few times to play a song, it happens that is start playing after longer time, then plays for few sec and starts again and over again…
  • web version and mobile seems so damn slow, like in 80’s…
  • dont even try to skip many songs in short time, at some time it will just hang XD
  • sometimes even you dont need to skio songs too fast, simply, press next for few songs and silence, shows song is playing, but no sound and next/prev/pause doesnt work

how is that possible it is paid feature, while it should be removed!!! If you cant do it right then just stop

Welcome to Volumio User2, I’m sorry that you don’t feel the need to make a constructive contribution.

Why did you post this in help btw?

Hmm, this would a good place – Bug reports - Volumio

But a more constructive place for TIDAL specific bugs would be Open Beta Testing of new TIDAL and QOBUZ implementation, feedback wanted