Volumio and the Pimoroni 3watt amp portable

My old digital radio died many years ago and was re-purposed, running Volumio 1 with a 16x2 display and a so-so amp for years.
I bought a Pimoroni board when they came out but failed to get it to talk to Volumio.
As soon as AxLED brought out the Pirate Audio plugin, the old insides were ripped out to make way for the Pimoroni.
The Pimoroni buttons were removed and four of the original buttons used instead.
Three other buttons give Next, Prev and Shutdown thanks to the GPIO buttons plugin.
The Pydpiper plugin controls the OLED display.
The GPIO control plugin turns off the Pimoroni backlight when paused.
A rotary encoder was doing nothing so it now doubles up for volume control.
A remote control mimics all the buttons and much more.

This just goes to show how great the volumio community is, providing plugins, help and support. Thank you all!


well done!

how did you get the album art on the RGB display?

The ‘well done’ belongs to all the plugin producers!
The display is all handled by the Pirate Audio Plugin (Plugins > Miscellanea)


well done.
Is your volumio running on battery? If yes, which capacity of LiPo you use?
My volumio portable uses a adafruit powerboost 1000C board, a 3,7V LiPo with 4400mAh an some wiring for save shutdown on low battery.


Battery yes, hi tech no. A good old simple 12v 2.4Ah lead acid alarm battery. It used to last for many hours with the old led display. I’ve yet to find out how long I get with the new display(s).