Volumio and RPI Zero W cannot enable SSH or get an IP address?

I’ve tried a few times on 2 different pi’s to enable SSH and get a functional IP address but cannot appear to get one? Mainly on the original RP Zero W as i need the terminal to enable the Hyperpixel 4.0 TFT hat.

I’ve added the SSH file, plus the wpa_supplicant with the correct WIFI information and it seems to do nothing.

Has anyone encountered this and have a working fix?

enabling ssh you do from a browser connected in the network,
using the ip of the pi http://192.168.x.x/dev
no need of a file just enabling like this that’s all.

wifi you also set in the setup of volumio.

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Thanks mate, I still couldn’t get it to work and recognize an actual IP address. I’m waiting on a zero amp hat MERUS MA12070P on order and will try again with the zero 2 w, that and a better tft.

maybe handy to know …

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