Volumio and Plex

Need some help. I’m using Volumio on a Raspberry Pi 3 with an Iqaudio DAC. So far no problems. I’m trying to figure out if I can play music files that are on my Dell laptop through Volumio on the RPI. I have Plex server installed on the laptop running Lubuntu. Any help would be appreciated. That is if it’s possible. Thanks

It’s not possible as of now, but it will be soon :wink:

Thanks much for the reply. I’ve been reading and trying to figure out how to do this with no luck. I just installed Plex on my laptop so I’m not that familiar with it. I’m glad it wasn’t just my inexperience. From the Volumio documentation and the Plex info it sounded like it should work. I hope that feature is available in volumio soon. Would be cool to stream music from my laptop to the Raspberry Pi. Thanks again.

SMB share the music folder on the laptop, and access it by creating a new SMB/IFS mount in Volumio’s Library page.
No need to run Plex in this case.

File sharing is kind of uncharted territory for me. I tried sharing a folder from Linux Mint with I guess SAMBA but no luck. On Volumio where you set up a shared drive there was a red X under mounted. Got an error message or two also. Could you give me some help on how to share files from my Laptop to Volumio on my RaspberryPi? I have Linux Mint and Lubuntu on my Dell laptop. Thanks

Would this be of any help?

Plus… If SMB doesn’t work for you, you might try another protocol? NFS is working ok on my mac.

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Thanks for the reply. The link you shared relates to sharing between linux and windows. Mine would be sharing between linux mint or lubuntu and volumio which is also linux. Anybody else out there have an idea on how to do this? Thanks

Try adding “sec=ntlm” into the parameters box. I’ve always had to do this to get the share to my NAS box working with Volumio.

Give NFS a try. Works like a charm here… Some even say its faster?

I think it would be better just to purchase another flash drive for storage. :unamused: I’m ready to pull my hair out over this. But I’m already missing some hair so might not be a good idea. I’d just like to get this file sharing thing working. I must be missing some little thing setting it up. I will keep reading and trying to see if I can get it. Might be the NFS is the way to go. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for the replies.

I got a samba share on a Linux mint laptop up and running a while ago. I can’t remember the exact steps I’m afraid, but the final piece of the jigsaw was opening Samba related ports on the Linux mint firewall. To test if that is the problem you could temporarily turn off the firewall. Also sudo journalctl -f on the Volumio box is your friend.

I’ve tried to get nfs working but no luck. Not sure what the problem is. I thought about the firewall but I’ll try that again. It seems that Volumio doesn’t mount the folder share from my laptop. Why I don’t know. As I said file sharing is all new to me. I’ve never tried to get it working before. I’ll try samba again and see what happens. Thanks for the reply.

So I’m getting frustrated. I had nfs working last night from lubuntu to Volumio on my Raspberry Pi. I was amazed. Now after rebooting this morning I can’t get it working again. I’ve tried everything. I keep getting any error message on Volumio that the connection was refused by the server. Any ideas? I’ve tried changing the firewall, rebooting, everything.

I would like to bring back the discussion to using plex instead of cifs/nfs problems.
I have a Raspberry Pi with volumio, with which I can browse and play the music on my plex server. In this case the player pulls the music from the server, right?
I expected to be able to use the plex app on my iPad to tell the server to push the music to a DLNA player like the volumio@Pi. But the volumio player does not show up in the list of players in the plex app. I thought that’s the idea behind the concept in DLNA of server (plex), controller (app on tablet), and renderer.
What is missing here? Is it something in plex or something in volumio?

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Actually, you don’t need Samba or NFS to listen to Plex music. Just enable DLNA on your Plex server in settings. I attached a screenshot. Volumio can browse and play DLNA shares very easily (browse --> media servers).

looks like @volumio said it wasn’t possible yet, but would be soon (9/2017). So maybe four years have been long enough?
Pointing the raspberryPI at network shares, or a DLNA server via PlexMediaServer (PMS) really breaks us out of the Plex ecosystem there with cover art, metadata, play counts: all these fun things that live inside Plex.
Plex, the apps, desktop version, and browser version ALL have a cast button in the top right. I’d like to be able to simply Cast an audio stream from a native Plex app to this raspberryPI streamer.
Where’s THAT capability? thanks!

A few footnotes here:

We have a proof of concept working already on volumio 3.x. Stay tuned

Hello @volumio looking forward to Plex cast capabilities. thanks!

I can confirm in Volumio 3.179, that playing from Plex via DLNA does work. But it’s not really ideal, as the album art isn’t coming through (for some reason, I see the art on the tracks (once I decide to start playing a song, but not on the albums, themselves.)

Man, I would love it, if Volumio gave the same love they gave Tidal/Qobuz to Plex.

Any movement on this feature? I have a large Plex music collection (using PlexAmp) but would love to share this with my Volumio instances?

I know I have load the files via either SMB or UPNP but I would love a Plex Plugin or even better some more integrated solution?