Volumio and musicbee playlists

i’m trying to create a hd-playlist of my library (tracks with a high bitrate) in volumio.
I’ve succed to create it inside musicbee (v3) and it works there.
Songs are on my NAS and i’ve set musicbee with relative paths and M3U export playlist.
I put the playlist inside the RPI and appropriate folder of volumio. Can see it inside “music library” (not “playlist”) when i browse. But nothing happen when i click it or try to play it…
Can i see a exemple of a working volumio playlist (for a NAS)
Many thanks

can i please ask for you help on this ?
I’d really like to have my “hd” playlist on volumio (tracks with a higher bitrate than 320)
very easy to create this playlist on MusicBee but no way to make it read inside volumio…
Many thanks

Hi there,
Full disclosure - I’m a total newbie on Volumio who is also trying to figure out why there is such poor playlist support.

I posted a similar question the other day, and while Michelangelo was kind enough to answer, his response didn’t really tell me anything :slight_smile:

I haven’t used MusicBee is, but I just looked at the website and it looks pretty much like VLC Player, right? It’s a PC-based music player and I guess you can create and save standard playlists.

I use VLC Player to do the same thing, and over the years I have all my CDs ripped to a NAS, and I created a set of playlists in the root of the NAS. Because it takes so long to create and manage playlists the ideal thing would be for Volumio to detect these existing standard playlists when it scans the music library and be able to choose them directly from the Volumio UI. Unfortunately this does not work for me, but I can’t find any documentation on how playlists are supposed to work on Volumio. I also can’t figure out how to create playlists and manage them in the Volumio UI as it’s not intuitive. So far the only thing I managed to do is create a small play queue with a few tracks and save that as a playlist, but that’s not very useful :slight_smile:

It would be much better, IMHO, if the Volumio developers could simply support standard playlists so people can use the playlist manager of their choice. Then the developers could focus their time on making the server features better, instead of worrying about finding a non-standard way to manage playlists.

I found a free Windows app called Auremo (auremo.codeplex.com/) that lets me create playlists within the MPD framework, and I can save the playlist to my RPi. That still means I have to start from scratch to create new playlists, which is not what I want to do.

The resulting Auremo playlist appears in the “Library” section of the Volumio UI (not in “Playlists”).

The Volumio Android client does not work for me (I get an error connecting to my RPi), but MPDroid works fine, and I can see the playlist I created with Auremo, and I can start the playlist on the RPi from my phone.

Check out Auremo and see if it works for you. I think the key difference between Auremo and MusicBee is that Auremo is an MPD client, and so it saves the playlist on the RPi. MusicBee creates “standard” playlists in the same place as the music files (which is the logical place for playlists), but these MPD servers don’t seem to be able to handle that location for some reason.