Volumio and Brutefir to create filters

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: volumio-2.873-2021-02-19-x86


Using Making filters - Volumio Documentation

Using REW 5.19 for generating DRC filters works fine. From REW the result is either exported as txt, which obviosly is TXT files, or export as file, which is XML file.

Importing into rePhase first states to (Variant 2, step 1) " 1. On the right under the Measurement tab click Import From File to import REW text measurement we exported on the previous page."
I can’t get that to work. Both XML and TXT files produce error “wrong measuring format”.

However skipping that (am I supposed to do that ?) and going to 4 " Under the Paragraphic Gain EQ tab click the arrow next to Tools and click import REW filter settings" works fine for XML file.

Step 7 After adjusting, hit “generate” which generates another apparant text file with content like this:

Variant 3 Step 2 states to copy the above WAV file to Dsp/filter-sources. But it is not a WAV file as output. So what am I expected to copy ?

Other files in Dsp/filter-sources are actually WAV files. When trying to “Create filter” in step 8, there is an option to select a target curve - is that where the above file should be placed instead - as a TXT file, not a WAV ?

I am a bit confused about this, help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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Hi. Filter source is used to generate filter with DRC fir in the plugin. This is an impulse exported from Rew. This is wav format. See Making Measurment - Volumio Documentation (bottom of the page). The file must be placed in Dsp/filter-sources.
Then you choose it, you choose a target curve. Target curve is a text file as explained here : Making filters - Volumio Documentation
Filters generated from REw or REPHASE or other software are ready to be used and must be placed in Dsp/filers. Formats allowed are described here Drc with Volumio - Volumio Documentation
And a other way is Brutefir for Volumio now supports REW EQ filters | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum

Thanks balbuze.

Sorry I didn’t read the instructions properly, and skipped to a youtube video that didn’t match the details in your description. I thought that was a shortcut to the options described in the documentation. Bad choice.

I got it working using REW for measuring only, exported a WAV, and had the plugin generate the filters. When I finally had it working it was easy, but I am still struggling a bit to figure out what exactly goes on where, and how I can manually tweak the output. And exactly what files goes in and out of each available process.

Two things though; Documentation states to use “512kMeasSweep_30_to_20000_44k_PCM16_R_ref##.WAV (L, R, or LR depending on the measurement)” – But LR is not present, so I did L and R respectively to make it work.

You don’t do so much to adjust the output level from the system when measuring. I did that with REW laptop to the speakers, and adjusting to 75dB as recommended, and that was very low volume I think. When I use the volumio system to generate either pink noise or the sweep, I had to turn the system up considerably louder to reach the recommended REW measurement of 75 dB. Are there recommendations for doing that ?.