Volumio and AML S905 mediaboxes

Hi there.

I have a piece of hardware called Tronsmart S95.
It is a mediabox based on Amlogic S905 chip, same chip have ODROID-C2
The beauty of this platform, that we can launch from SD/USB any suitable linux image.
For now i have been able to run Openelec, Ubuntu Mate and Debian (the latter two is made for Odroid-C2).
But i failed to run Volumio2 Odroid-C2 image. It stuck at some point and no go further.

The last 2 lines of UART’s log:

[ 12.259571] Connect Timeout [ 12.263664] Device Not Connected/Responding
Printenv and full log under spoiler:
I’ve tried SD cards and USB flash drives with different ‘setenv bootargs’ depending on the drives that I have used. Same results.
Can someone help with advise what should i do to run Volumio on hardware that i have?