Volumio and Active speakers


I have active speakers (genelec) with RCA inputs. I want to use the Volumio+ rasbpib+ do I need to have a preamp if so which <700£
I don’t want to risk if there is some bug and the volume go upp to 100% or something that will destroy my speakers for 2000£

I would not suggest to feed your precious active speakers directly with Volumio. Let’s imagine you mistouch the mixer volume and there’ll be tears…
You can however prevent this by using alsamixer via SSH. This way you’ll be sure that volume will not go mad. Or better, use a passive preamp in the middle…


That was my thought also but I want to connect 3 sources (Volumio, aux and phono ( maybe external riaa)

What are the benefits of a passive preamp compared to a active?

A passive pre amp could be just a potentiometer to reduce the gain and/or a source selector. There is no active components so it is suppose to not add distortion :wink: but a passive pre amp could Not increase the gain. So if your source signal is low it will stay low…
In your case, you set the pot so that that when Volumio level is Max, there is no risk for your loudspeakers :smiley:
Edit: I don’t think your phono output is high enough to work directly without active amplification