Volumio Anamoly

Hello guys.
I wish to raise a small issue pertaining to audio output.
I happen to use the CM6631A USB Decoder with a AK4396 DAC.
With the Raspberry/Volumio sample rate setting at 24B96K all files with sample rate of 24B96K or lower play smoothly without any stutter or any problem.
However files with sample rate of 24B176K and 24B192K and 32B192K stutter badly.
On the other hand when the sample rate setting is 24B192K all files with sample rates of 24B192K and 32B192K play smoothly and without any problems, however files with lower sample rates like 24B96K to 16B44K stutter badly.
In the same light, what is the sample rate default setting at the beginning of the list and which allows all sample rates to be played smoothly.
I would be greatly pleased for your views and advice on this apparent anamoly.
Thank you.