Volumio Alpha 5 - Synology


I have downloaded and installed Volumio Alpha 5 on my Rpi 1 and all it’s OK about installation :wink:

But ^^ I would like add my NAS (Synology) and unable to mount folder…

img15.hostingpics.net/pics/96474 … Alpha5.jpg

I resolve this issue ?


Would it be a problem with the accent on “Classé” ?

more likely the space between Classé and Flac.
My NAS is also a Synology, no special options where specified, I only entered FS Type (NFS), Name, Path and IP.
As the NFS permissions on the share are set to read-only anyway, I set squash to “map all users to admin”.
Works like a charm…

FS TYPE : nfs
NAME : Flac
PATH : /volume1/music/Flac/
IP :

For Volumio 1.55, I used these parameters and the “é” of “Classé” worked fine :wink:


OPTIONS : nfsvers=3,ro,noatime,intr

  • nfsvers=3 - This explicitly tells us we’re going to talk V3
  • ro - Read-only. This is why wsize likely has no effect. volumio/MPD will have no rights to write data to your NAS, only read data.
  • noatime - Don’t update “Last Access” timestamp when accessing files. I guess I don’t know if this matters with “ro”, but saw it on forum/blog talking about NFS performance. This keeps your storage from having to update stuff as MPD scans/browse, etc.
  • intr - Allows the NFS client to be interrupted in the event the storage server is going down. I have this in OSX and I saw it on various forums/blogs, so it must make sense. :slight_smile: I don’t know what behavior would result if you took this out.[/code]



and as you can see, the “My Music” field remains empty :frowning: Why ?

Mine is configured like this :

I have the same but with a qnap NAS

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