Volumio + Allo DigiOne + Tidal Connect ... Is there an output limit on S/PDF?

Hi All

I’d really appreciate some help to understand if Volumio or my Allo DigiOne S/PDF is capping the frequency output of Tidal Master streams?

I use Tidal Hifi & Master service and play via my Raspberry Pi 4 with Volumio and an Allo DigiOne HAT, connected to a Chord Qutest DAC via S/PDF. I also sometimes use my Macbook laptop and connect that to the Qutest via USB. When using the Tidal app (on iPhone or laptop instead of USB) and use Tidal Connect via Volumio, I get an output of 44.1kHz / 16-bit with some tracks outputting 48kHz. When I play the same master hi res tracks on the laptop usb setup, I can get as high as 96kHz / 24-bit.

I must admit, I’m still earning about hi-res, but I don’t understand why the RP4 Volumio Allo DigiOne cannot output the same level as I can get via laptop and USB. I’m using the same streaming service and playing the same ‘Master’ quality tracks, but no luck in achieving the same frequency. I’ve had a play around with multiple tracks and same outcome. I also notice the same result on the Volumio setup when I play the same music via the volumio web-browser application, so to my knowledge this is not Tidal Connect (Please correct me).

To note I’m aware Tidal uses MQA and my Chord Qutest DAC doesn’t support MQA but the DAC is certainly detecting different frequencies from the two source connections.

Does anyone know the answer?

Many thanks

I guess the app from laptop performs the first unfolding where volumio does not.

Thanks vm for the tip :+1:t2: That’s the insight I needed. From your suggestion I found a very similar thread with different kit but facing the same issue.

All makes sense now. Interesting all this, huh.

Thanks again