Volumio access to Tunein BBC podcasts

Hi, new to Volumio but not to home built streaming hardware.

Have re-provisioned my home office with new kit including a Matrix Audio Mini-i 3/Roon/Genelec studio monitors. The MA Mini-i 3 does not support Spotify connect so ran Volumio onto a spare Pi 4 with an Allo DigiOne. Most impressed with Volumio - thanks for all your development work.

One of the retired audio devices in the home office was a Sonos PlayBar on which I would often re-listen to the Gilles Peterson show from BBC 6 Music via Tunein.

Tunein only keep one episode at a time which is fine - if I want an older one, I can use the BBC Sounds app on my phone and stream it over AirPlay. I’ve also tried adding the podcast plug-in but that would not work with the Tunein URL for the stream.

I can add the main BBC live radio streams into Volumio OK but cannot seem to get it to add the Tunein podcast episode of any BBC content. In particular, Gilles Peterson at https://tunein.com/podcasts/p410583/

Any ideas? Yes, I can always use AirPlay but I really like the Volumio interface and would be great to get the streams running.

I guess I could also install LMS if really necessary and use the BBC Sounds plug-in but would rather keep Volumio as close to stock as possible.

Any ideas?