Volumio a wonderful experience

Just want to share this, I’ve been looking for a pratical solution to play MQA and DSD on my system, without buying the Bluenote or other device, then I found this and tried yesterday with great results:

Raspberry 3 running Volumio, controled by browser, conected to the Pro Ject S2 DAC or, even better, having Audirvana (on iMac) streaming to the Raspberry and controled from an Ipad. Both solution works very well and both very cheap. I really recommend a try for everyone one enjoying MQA or DSD.

I was a little sceptical at the beginning because I’ve tried so many apps and solutions that didn’t work and the Volumio really did the trick . It’s a wonderful system and I can’t think of anything better to enjoy music. Congratulations to all the people that develop this great tool

Thanks! Enjoy!