Volumio 3 ! ...!

Volumio 3 Issues?

“Update” from 2 to 3:

Again I know why you should NEVER touch a running system!!!

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You are not very generous with your information :wink:
Care to give more details?

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-No time for endless playing with such gadgets
-WLAN lost after update
=Complete reset - all configurations have to be redone!
-Playlists lost!!!
-Buffer set to 4 MB, and more streaming dropouts than ever!!!
-the Primo makes endless horrible noises like a crow!!!
-Toys for freaks, not for HIFI!!!

My WLAN works VERY FINE, my DAC TEAC UD-501 works very well, the NAS Synology DS214+ works like every day, and so did before the volumio-update!

It is much more pleasant to play the same Flac files under Windows via foobar2000 and SPDIF to the DAC. No dropouts, no caw, just perfect!

This was all communicated in the Update Screen, so you knew (or could have known).
For Primo you are entitled to get dedicated support, I would use it: