Volumio 3 X86 - no update from V2

I have 2 ex-Windows desktop PC’s running Volumio 2, but neither of these is giving me the ‘update to Volumio 3’ possibility that my Pi-based players have (they are working excellently on V3, by the way).

Is the new version for X86 not yet released or is there another way to run the update?

There is no update path from V2 to V3 on x86 for technical reasons.
You will have to flash the new V3 version.
Once V3 is flashed, future updates will work as usual.

Okay, so I have flashed the new image onto a USB drive - when I start up the PC with the stick inserted, then Volumio 2 is loaded and I do’t appear to be able to access the new version V3 on the
USB drive.

How do I get that to load?

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You probably need to head into your BIOS and select your new USB device as the boot drive.

That’ll mean taking the PC (which is running as a headless music server) out of the audio setup and setting it up with a keyboard, mouse and monitor.

If that’s the only way then that is what I will have to do.

And when you set the option in BIOS, make sure to make USB boot priority permanent, so you don’t have to do this again.
Using F12 (a lot of devices have F12, sometimes F9/F10) to choose the boot option will also works but won’t make usb boot permanent priority.

Getting there slowly.

Now when I try to install Volumio to the PC harddrive it says that it cannot do that.

Install to disk failed: undefined

Something odd with the disk you are copying to.
A log (Howto: Send a log) would be a big help.
Do this on a fresh rebooted system after reproducing the error.

We will probably have to remove the partition table
Keep the following until we had a look at your log.
Or if you know for sure which disk your hdd/ssd is.

Try opening a terminal (Ctrl-F1), uid volumio, pwd volumio
Then do an fdisk -l to locate the device name of your harddisk/ssd
then wipe your disk like this, but replace /dev/sdb by your device!!!

sudo wipefs -a /dev/sdb

Right. Will have a look at that and try it later on.


Here is the log file from the failure to install V3 to the harddrive.