Volumio 3.x, Airplay, and No Sound

Volumio 3.395
Raspberry Pi 4
HifiBerry DAC2 HD
Mixer: None, use a ParaSound PreAmp, (Have tried all mixer types).
Radio Paradise
Touch Display

When using ITunes from laptop, I see art, track status, but no sound from AirPlay. I have checked the volume on both devices, rebooted, disabled plugins, w/ out success. All other audio sources and plugins work fine.

I aslo noticed w/ PeppyMeter enabled, I see art, track status, but no needle movement.

Any suggestions.

First don’t use this version as it was not intended for what you’re doing.
it is a Beta built for other purposes.
Please roll back to the supported version.
Read: Volumio 3.395 Fast Beta-Test

I think that PeppyMeter is breaking your sound.

IMHO we need to take care of it…