Volumio 3 user interface improvement suggestion - "select a device" screen popping up too often in normal usage

Every time I start a Volumio 3 I get “Select a device” screen although I have only one device (on volumio primo) and no changes occured since the last time I started Volumio.

Problem: As I run Volumio on my andriod smartphone every time I automatically click “back” button in order to go to my main screen I’m directed to this “select a device” screen instead. Really annoying :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: And from ergonomic point of view totally impractical.

Solution suggestion: I don’t know if other users need this implemented feature to switch between devices that easy, but for us who have only one device please put some parameter flag in “options” that main screen is exactly main screen :slight_smile: so that back button closes the opened window within volumio and returns to the main screen. :pray:

Thanks a keep up good work!


Very good suggestion!

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Exactly this is the reason that I still use the browser. Great suggestion!