Volumio 3 Tinkerboard issues

Sorry, I can´t find any hint or open Volumio 3 issues reported for Tinkerboard.

I am facing the following problem with a freshly installed Volumio 3.175

There is no I2S “On” switch in the user interface, while a HiFiBerry DAC plus board is attached to the Tinkerboard.

On my RPI 3B I can switch I2S “On” and select the HiFiBerry DAC plus attached to the broad.

During Buster Phase I reported problems related to the HiFiBerry DAC plus board Volumio 3 Buster for Asus Tinkerboard - #9 by cgs.

I.e. I2S was there, the HAT could be selected and it was working after a reboot. BTW: the Volumio documentation still lists compatibility for some HiFiBerry boards.



  • ASUS Tinkerboard (no “S”)
  • HiFiBerry DAC plus
  • Topping D10 DAC
  • WLAN, Hotspot disabled


  • Minimserver
  • Internet Radio
  • Qobuz
  • Roon Rock
  • Spotify

Hi cgs,

Exactly the same issue here, with a different DAC though.
Mine is a PecanPi (Orchard Audio).

Equipment :

  • Asus Tinkerboard
  • PecanPi DAC
  • LAN connected, WIFI disabled, bluetooth disabled

Sources :

  • Qobuz
  • Spotify

I’ve managed to work around the issue by adding ‘intf:dtoverlay=rpi-dac’ to the hw_intf.conf file in the boot directory.

You’ll need a different overlay (hifiberry-dacplus).


This looks like a bug, related to the Primo version, which also has the tinkerboard, but no i2s configuration. I’ll bring it to the devs attention.

Could one of you create a log just after a fresh reboot?
Perhaps the distinction between a bare tinkerboard and the Primo does not work correctly.

Here you go: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/gcBhKJ5.html

Hi Steven,
thanks for the quick response. This worked for me - perfect. Actually much more smothly compared to buster. Anyhow, I2A switch did not show up compare to the RPI version.


here’s my log : http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/I4ePN8h.html


I don’t see the log entries for the Primo device check, strange.
Passed the log info on to the devs.

I don’t know how useful these logs are, it seems that there has been a manual configuration of an i2s DAC, in both @cgs and @Sgoyvaerts case.

Yes, I followed the description by Steven from above, nothing else manual, plus two Plugin’s Roon Bridge and Volumio Spotify Connect2.

I’ll rig up a test installation tonight and try it myself

Already a big thanks for looking into this issue.


The problem was located and will be fixed soon.
This only happens with specific boards, like the sndrpihifiberry and sndrpirpidac @cgs and @Sgoyvaerts used. This thread will go on the issue list, with a list of supported dacs with Tinkerboard.

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