Volumio 3 Spotify Plugin Service Won't Start

I have Volumio 3 running on two RPi Zero 2 W’s. One has an Adafruit DAC hat (I’ll call it Pi 1) and the other has a JustBoom Digi hat (I’ll call it Pi 2).

The install and setup for Pi 1 went smoothly, and everything is working, including Spotify and Spotify connect.

However, on Pi 2, I cannot get the Spotify service to start. I have wiped the card and freshly imaged it, then installed only the Spotify plugin from the plugins page. The plugin reports that it installed successfully, but shows as “inactive” under installed plugins, despite toggling the plugin off and then on. Attempting to log into my Spotify account results in saving the account info to /etc/spopd.conf, but it is not able to restart the service, so it never forwards to the authorization page like it should.

I investigated a bit via SSH and found that there is no spop service registered, which is why it can’t start. Comparing to Pi2 with the working Spotify install, it should be in /lib/systemd/system/, but spop.service is missing from that path on Pi 2.

This can’t be an issue with other plugins not playing nice, since it occurs with no other plugins installed. I have tried with Volumio 3.198 and also 3.173 (which I happened to have an old image of). I also tried after installing the Spotify connect plugin. The Spotify connect plugin works properly, but the main Spotify plugin still does not.

I also tried installing the Spotify plugin over SSH by cloning the git repository and then using volumio plugin install. It installed successfully with no reported errors, but had the same issue of missing the spop service.

If anyone’s got a suggestion for me to try, I’d appreciate it. The only difference on Pi 2 is the JustBoom hat, which appears to be working normally.

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I wish I could give you a suggestion, but I am experiencing the same issue with a Pi Zero 2 W with no DAC or Digi Hat (HDMI out). The plugin seems to install fine, but when I “enable” it, I don’t have the ability to supply user credentials to connect to Spotify and the after reading your post I also do not have the spop service running and the spop service is also missing from /lib/systemd/system/ path. I have Volumio 3.198 installed and 3.0.8 plugin installed (I tried 3.0.7 with same result).

Are you sure you have the right Spotify plugin installed? 3.x isn’t the spop based plugin?

I installed plug in, then opened spotify app, and connected to volumio via the small speaker icon! simple as!

I’m not sure about kev.scott’s setup, but I’m using Spotify version 2.0.3, installed from the in-app plugin store. I’m using the same version on both the working Pi and the non-working Pi.

The Volumio Spotify Connect2 plugin (which is working correctly for me) is version 3.0.8 - maybe that’s what kev.scott was referring to.

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Maybe some progress. I stepped through the spotify install script in /data/plugins/music_service/spop/install.sh and tried to manually download the package that it calls.

wget http://repo.volumio.org/Packages/Spop/spop-dpkg%20--print-architecture.tar.gz

This 301’s me to https, then complains about the certificate being expired. When overriding the cert check with --no-check-certificate, it then 404’s and can’t download the package. Just to be sure, I confirmed the same behavior in a desktop browser.

I suspect that this is why the plugin “installs”, but is missing all of the important bits.

Workaround no longer necessary

Should be fixed now :slight_smile:

Thanks, that takes care of it!

So, sorry for the delay in participating and providing any requested information. I read through the messages since my posting and thought that “FlintIronstag’s” postings and comments may have been the root cause of my issue.

I originally installed the plugin, from the in-app plugin area in Volumino. I “activated” the plugin and then clicked on the setting button in the application. This is where I noticed that the plugin configuration screen, did not allow me to specify a Spotify User account or password.

So, I uninstalled the plugin, restarted Volumio on the Pi and then re-installed the plugin from the in-app store again. Activated it and when I click on Settings, I still do not have the ability to provide Spotify credentials, I not do I see “Spotify” as a “source” from the page that shows my Library, Artists, Albums and Playlists (This is where Qobuz would present a tile) and I assume the plugin is not working.

I’m not sure how else to explain it, but I am unable to access Spotify from within the Volumino application running on the PI.

Disregard my last post… I just discovered what I was doing wrong… Everything I had posted was under the assumption that I should have installed the “Spotify Connect” plugin (which is what I was installing). Once I disabled that Plugin and installed the regular Spotify plugin, all worked as it should.

My apologies for the confusion that I caused.