Volumio 3 Plugin migration status

Hm. If I understand the documentation correctly, would it not be enough to just run
volumio plugin publish
For each of the plugin in that case?

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And also submit a PR so the Volumio devs can scrutinise the code for any thing that might not play well with the core Volumio code…

You have to follow this for Volumio 3 Plugin Submission Checklist | Volumio Developers Documentation

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@balbuze As a prolific plug-in author - what is the current method?

  1. volumio plugin submit
  2. Open a PR?


  1. Open a PR, get it merged and then run
  2. volumio plugin submit

When/Where/How is all the code vetting for the additional security being done?

Both… As it is a separate process.
From a device, plugin submit uses Myvolumio ID to submit the plugin.
And PR your source to volumio-plugins-sources.
I know if is not super clear why this mechanism…
But I am not the author of such thing. I hope it will become clearer.
Plugins is something that was neglected with volumio 3 launch. It is a major feature. Now we can read on other forums that plugins are now beyond the pay wall… And users migrate to other system…

I agree 100%. There are a lot of pain points that need to be addressed.
Apart form the whole login wall and frustrated users, the current process is making the plug-in development/submission process also very opaque and roundabout in my books.

I don’t agree with moving the extra burden of porting onto the plugin devs - they shouldn’t have to spend time to repackage plugins that work pretty much out of the box, with no code changes.

I do hope the Volume core team consider instead releasing this v3 store properly when all the other myVolumio store features are fully implemented (À la carte premium plugins, rating, etc), instead of how it is right now.

We are now exactly where @volumio didn’t want to be – a lot of plugin.zip floating around, and people installing them manually… You can’t blame them either - the approval process is quite stalled right now.


Seems V3 was a bigger success than Volumio anticipated. Let’s hope it’s a lesson learned.
As I feel sorry for all the community devs, that they need to follow this hideous process because of the changes made by Volumio. I am pretty sure that these plugins contributes to Volumio’s success. It would have been feasible that Volumio took care of these updates.

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I partly agree, since myVolumio commercialised it makes sense there’s also some kind of service during upgrades for plugins that enhance the UX (user experience).

On the other hand, it’s still open-source in the core and I guess many devs are more than happy to retest on v3 (or any subsequent version in the future). But submissions should require minimal effort from the dev-side to encourage quality plugins and updates at the speed of DevOps (the modern way of developing). Making short time to market possible, albeit maybe sacrificing initial quality. Having said that, SAST and proper linting could be applied in the pipeline, improving security and quality, maybe even countering the effect of trying the DevOps way.

Just a few thoughts, I’m more than happy to engage in constructive discussions :ok_hand:t4:

I have a pretty much automated pipeline for my private plugins, so it’s very much possible. Also decoupled the entire plugin packaging from the actual device, so you can do everything from your dev environment and only test the final package on your device like the end user.

ok, I hope it will be fine now : I submit my 3 plugins and created a PR (with no change on the code) :wink:

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List updated!
Slipped of my radar for a bit, but anyway I manage only sporadic updates to the table…

So check directly at https://github.com/volumio/volumio-plugins-sources/pulls for most up to date status of plugins pending approval.

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Thanks to the developers for getting last.fm plugin in the store and making the installation process seamless! It works perfectly now, even with streaming radio, which I could never get to work before.


I have rewritten and refined another plugin of mine, that never made it onto the V2 plugin store anymore.
I have cancelled the V2 PR and created a new PR for V3. You might want to add it here.
Description of the Plugin can be found here: SerialAmpController
The PR is here.
serialampcontroller.zip (1.6 MB)

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Hi, just wondered if the Pydpiper plugin will be added for Volumio 3. I do not see it in the list. If not, will it be possible to add Pydpiper manually?

It would be great if the plugin could be added. Thank you

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Hi there,

I’m actually rebuilding the container for that purpose. There are a few changes that I made yesterday, after which it runs like a daisy on Volumio 3 and using Python3 (the original was written for Python2). Three major things still need some work:

  1. The most important one; the container runs as privileged, which is a bad security practice. So I need to figure out how I can expose the GPIO pins to the container without having to run it as privileged. Two things need to work: serial and i2c

  2. I want to rework some of the code, because it’s far from optimised. Which is good for functionality, but not so much for security and performance.

  3. I want to setup auto builds for new releases of badaix, so it will automagically update the containers on Docker Hub. Luckily one forker has already set that up and even referenced one the issues I experienced while building (Alpine 3.13 and up require a newer Docker version for the clock to work, which impacts network connectivity)

My container is built on top of an Alpine base, not sure how much that affects performance right now, but building takes forever :wink:

Here’s my repo for the progress: GitHub - Saiyato/pydPiper3: pydPiper adapted for use with Python3
Note: the README hasn’t been updated, but you need to docker pull saiyato/pydpiper:arm32v7 (yes, that’s right, it’s only build for arm32v7 compatible hardware).

Long story short, I’ve been building and fine-tuning for quite some time now, but as of yesterday the new container works! Yay! It’s a multi-stage build, so the final product only contains the bare minimum to run pydpiper; next phase is to create a volumio-specific branch and strip all code for other players (to provide the most minimalistic pydpiper). :smile:


Any chance to get the Backup and Restore plugin working on ver. 3.xxx? As I see the plugin was last updated in 2017, so the original developer may have abandoned it…??? So any info on that what to anticipate regarding, if we can anticipate anything at all?


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one of the plugins i use the most is Randomizer for listening random playlists of my library. Is somebody migrating this plugin? or is there a different plugin that i can use for the same purpose?

thanks in advance.

the plugin has been submitted, but it is causing crashes

if the developer will fix it, it can be released


My 3 music plugins are only available in “tested mode”.
Once installed, they work seamlessly.
How long do they have to “stay” in test mode before they appear in the normal distribution?

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@mervinio any update regarding those plugins?

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