Volumio 3 playing Issue

I have installed Volumio 3 on my PI4 with ES9023 DAC.
I managed quite easily to set all the things including the connexion to my NAS and upload of my whole music library.
But when I press the “play” button to start listening to music… nothing happens.
Good internet connexion, well set…
I don’t understand ==> any tips?

After my plugins gone incl. the virtual keyboard which is almost a must for me, I am really considering going back to volumio2.

Did you try restart after renewing the Playback Options?

Would you share a log please?
Ideally from a fresh reboot, after reproduction of the problem.

Note: In case you re-install Volumio 2: it will go EOL soon, there will be no maintenance. Update to Volumio 3 asap so you do not miss out on all the new features.

I solved the issue.
I removed the disk. Restarted the Pi. readded the disk and reloaded the files.

See my answser below.

Regarding Volumio 2, I agree that EOL is an issue but the V3 has weaknesses that are really a pain for my usage of Volumio (virutal keyboard as an exemple)

There is no problem with using Volumio 2 at all, you can continue using it.
I was just trying to make clear that it will have no more support.

We are improving V3 steadily, it had a long beta period but obviously we still missed a few things.
Plugins are a community issue and this has been communicated as such.
There is an ongoing effort to support community devs to get their plugins V3-ready.