Volumio 3 on Rock64

These images be built at regular times or on request (if there is appropriate demand for it) .

OTA Updates from Volumio 2 to Volumio 3 are NOT supported!!

As I have left the community developer team, there will be no more updates, support has ceased.

Rock64 DAC configuration notes

Rock64 supports HDMI, 3.5" headphone jack, I2S (with the Rock64 ES9023 POT) and S/PDIF
For headphone jack, select “I2S” from the list of playback options.
Note: neither POT nor headphone have hardware volume control, please use “software mixer” to control the volume from the UI.
S/PDIF can be obtained in two ways (either or)

  • the Optical/Toslink or Coax port on the ES9023 POT
  • Pin 13 on the 20-Pin header (Coax, add a 100Ohm resistor for safety). See rest of the pinout for GND.

Refer to the changelog on the download page for a detailed list since your last update. This lists Volumio functionality/fixes only.

Any Rock64 platform updates/ fixes will be listed below.
(none yet)

Current Release


Previous Release



Amazing, Can’t wait to try it out!
Thanks for your hard work…

Gave it a try today. Works like a charm. UI is very snappy. Spotify plugin works. Many thanks for your work. Beer is on its way!

I found something, which might be an issue. I was playing a track (girl from ipanema) from the media server. While the song was playing, I selected an album from spotify. While the first song of that album was playing, I selected a track from the mediaserver. The song from spotify kept playing, but the player line at the bottom was suddenly showing “girl from ipanema” again and i got a red error box saying something about alsa not having permission. When the track from spotify stopped, volumio started playing the previously neglected song.

That seems to be a Volumio core issue, nothing related to the Rock64 port.

New version 3.212 is available.
Please update via OTA (test mode required) or using the download link in the opening post.

I wanted to try the new version 3 on my TV box. But unlike version 2, it was installed, but did not work. More precisely, the system starts, loads a bunch of everything. But the volume access point does not appear at the end, and accordingly I cannot log in and cannot configure anything. Sorry, maybe later I’ll try more recent versions. In general, flashing my TV box is a very long task - you won’t try every day.

My Rock64 support has been discontinued, sorry.