Volumio 3 on Rock64

These images be built at regular times or on request (if there is appropriate demand for it) .

OTA Updates from Volumio 2 to Volumio 3 are NOT supported!!

Rock64 DAC configuration notes

Rock64 supports HDMI, 3.5" headphone jack, I2S (with the Rock64 ES9023 POT) and S/PDIF
For headphone jack, select “I2S” from the list of playback options.
Note: neither POT nor headphone have hardware volume control, please use “software mixer” to control the volume from the UI.
S/PDIF can be obtained in two ways (either or)

  • the Optical/Toslink or Coax port on the ES9023 POT
  • Pin 13 on the 20-Pin header (Coax, add a 100Ohm resistor for safety). See rest of the pinout for GND.

Refer to the changelog on the download page for a detailed list since your last update. This lists Volumio functionality/fixes only.

Any Rock64 platform updates/ fixes will be listed below.
(none yet)

Current Release


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Amazing, Can’t wait to try it out!
Thanks for your hard work…

Gave it a try today. Works like a charm. UI is very snappy. Spotify plugin works. Many thanks for your work. Beer is on its way!

I found something, which might be an issue. I was playing a track (girl from ipanema) from the media server. While the song was playing, I selected an album from spotify. While the first song of that album was playing, I selected a track from the mediaserver. The song from spotify kept playing, but the player line at the bottom was suddenly showing “girl from ipanema” again and i got a red error box saying something about alsa not having permission. When the track from spotify stopped, volumio started playing the previously neglected song.

That seems to be a Volumio core issue, nothing related to the Rock64 port.