Volumio 3 on rasp pi3B good choice?

If the volumio 2 version (2.882) works well should I upgrade to volumio 3? Think the plugins are not working for raspberry also in volumio 3? What advances volumio3 have compaire to volumio2? I understand that volumio3 has the latest mpd version (0.22.6)?

what do you need in you volumio? the 3 is buster and 2 is old jessie…

youtube ytcr plugin is not working on vol2 . I need to update MPD.

if you want a eazy way you could go with the 3 version no mpd update and all will work.
do you have my volumio ? i’m running on pi4 /4g

yes I am a virtuoso user. I will try volumio 3 and see what I come up with and running into.

i would say first back up your old image after that just try it…

It works even spotify connect (volspot2).

nice :stuck_out_tongue:

by tthe way, mpd is version 0.21.18 in volumio 3 not the latest 0.22.16 .

So it was a good choice to go for voumio 3.067-pi. Works great on pi3B. Better than on the nuc10. I recommend raspberry for Volumio. Even Tidal connect en Spottify connect are working that is really an advance for the volumio experience. It is amazing that such a smal device can do such a great job.