Volumio 3 on Pine A64(+)/ Pine A64-LTS/ SOPINE Compute Module

These images be built at regular times or on request (if there is appropriate demand for it) .

OTA Updates from Volumio 2 to Volumio 3 are NOT supported!!

Rock64 DAC configuration notes

Pine64 images support HDMI, 3.5" headphone jack, I2S (with the PINE64 POT)
S/PDIF can be obtained in two ways (Euler Pin 10).

  • the Optical/Toslink and Coax port on the ES9023 POT
  • Pin 10 20-Pin Euler header. In this case, use a 100Ohm resistor for safety…

Refer to the changelog on the download page for a detailed list since your last update. This lists Volumio functionality/fixes only.

Any Pine64 platform updates/ fixes will be listed below.
(none yet)

Current Release

Volumio-3.187-2022-01-06-pine64solts (PIne A64-LTS and soPine64)

Previous Release