Volumio 3 on Odroid boards

Mylog from 3.212 version voumio:

You may see 2 problems:

  1. Why does not the wired connection receive the IP address when it is first turned on.
  2. Why Wi-Fi don’t connection.

I get ip adress on wired connection after I connected to the hotspot volumio. But I can’t connect to my router via wifi.

I don’t see anything wrong with eth0, it gets the ip address from dhcp before wlan0 is being attempted.
wlan0 does not get an ip address because authentication with SSID “Network” fails with “WRONG KEY”.

EDIT: Just found the “show mouse pointer” option in settings. All is well now

I am using 3.224 on my Odroid N2. I have installed the touchscreen plugin to get graphics on a HDMI display as well as keyboard and mouse. The first two work, but there is no mouse pointer visible. Depending on where I move the mouse I can see some reactions on the screen (i.e. on the timeline when the invisible mouse cursor crosses the timeline).
Am I mussing something here?
Thanks a lot for any help

I am continuing my exploration of Volumio 3 on Odroid N2 and I am finding the following issues:

Streaming to a Neukomm CDA126S (standard XMOS chipset), I am getting snap crackle and pop (like Vinyl) with DSD

  • DoP64 and DoP128: crackles can be heard
  • DoP256, DoP512, DSDnative (all bitrates): No crackles

On the playing now screen i am seeing the following gibberish:

Clicking pause and play resolves it.

When I restart the Odroid and open Media Servers, I cannot see my media servers. Turning DLNA Browser off and back on in Sources resolves the issue and my media servers are back.


Regarding DLNA I’m not really sure what is happening.
DLNA is core Volumio functionality, with 3.224 these issues ought to be solved, but perhaps not all?
There is nothing I can do but keeping an eye on it.

I need to check with one of the devs what a possible reason could be.
Obviously the pcm data rate is not the limitation as DoP256 works fine.
Could you do a

cat /proc/asound/card5/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params

to verify format and rate while playing DoP128 and, to compare, playing DoP256?

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This is the result of
cat /proc/asound/card5/pcm0p/sub0/hw_params

Something seems not quite right

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DAC was connected?
Perhaps “cat /proc/asound” helps to show the current soundcards.
USB, at least the first one, should be card5

This is what I am getting with cat /proc/asound
Music is playing

oh that was my mistake, I meant

ls -l /proc/asound
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Just for info, I’m sorry to say that I recently left the Community developers team and now only read the forum at very irregular times as a normal user.
No more new boards from me and no more updates to existing versions (odroid/nanopi/khadas/pine64) from me either.

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It’s too say my friend…
I’m really sorry but many thanks for your all efforts in the past :raised_hand:

Looks better. With ls -l / I am getting this while music is playing

replace card5 by card1

Now we’re talking :grinning:

Some strange things happening here. I have streamed music at various DoP rates and I am getting strange bitrates with the command (screenshots further down):

DoP64 → bitrate 176k → ok
DoP128 → bitrate 352.8k → ok
DoP256 → bitrate 352.8k → not ok
DoP512 → bitrate 384k → not ok

I am afraid that I cannot diagnose reliably at this time, because I am using a DAC with an XMOS HU300 USB card here in the mountains.
I will check again with the later model XMOS USB card when I am back home at the end of next week.

Thanks for everything so far. :+1:

Does Volumio have any plans to have someone else pick these up, as it would be a shame for them to wither and die.

no idea, these are community portings without any guarantee for support from Volumio.

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I had a spare ODROID C1 laying around and decided to give this a try. It works surprisingly well, thanks for compiling the image.

However, I did encounter one issue and I’m not sure what (if anything) I can do about it.

ODROID C1 doesn’t support Hifi Shield and my amplifier doesn’t have HDMI input. In order to get the sound to my amplifier, I bought “UGREEN USB External Sound Card” on Amazon.

This is an inexpensive USB DAC based on ALC4030 chip and works with ODROID C1 + Volumio 3 “out of the box”. Unfortunately, something breaks after a while and the volume control goes gaga, causing the card to suddenly switch to full power and emit enormous amount of noise. Setting the volume to almost zero more or less restores the sound and so does a reboot.

Any ideas how to handle this? And what is even a possible cause for this kind of behavior? Thanks in advance.

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expect this with 12$ undocumented china stuff, get a proper DAC instead.
The C1/C1+ works absolutely perfect with a big range of other xmos/ thesycon based usb devices.

The C1 version is as good as it gets, the device is old and otherwise works fine with v3. Please do not expect updates.