Volumio 3 on NanoPi Neo2 and Neo3

This topic was created to discuss all issues regarding the community version for Volumio 3 on the NanoPi Neo2 and NanoPi Neo3 boards.

This thread offers the opportunity to discuss images for the NanoPi Neo 2 and NanoPiNeo3, built at regular times to follow up on finished Volumio development cycles.

Anyone willing to help maintain the NanoPi platform is very welcome.

Newest Release

See the changelog link on the download page



Previous Releases


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There is a neo2 image now as well, see OP

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Hi @gkkpch ,

I did some test with the NanoPi NEO2 image, here some remarks:

  • Onboard analog audio is not enabled, only I2S Master
  • Kernel is very old (4.14.0), it would be nice to have something newer to support more WiFi USB dongles

The Volumio2 image from this page has kernel 5.10.60 and supports both Analog DAC and I2S, they can be selected from the UI

Correct, same as V2, analog audio is disabled in the Device Tree.
The kernel is maintained by an OEM partner, so I will not touch the original DT.
I would need to copy it and enable analog audio in the copy.
You would have to swap the DT files manually, basically after each OTA or fresh flash.
We have no way to import a text file (userconfig.txt) with this version of u-boot.

Due to some specific patches and the OEM dependency, the kernel can’t be changed for a while.

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clear, I didn’t know it is used by some OEM

I don’t build that one, it is another member’s solution.
He could create a V3 version, but without myVolumio.
In fact, V3 community portings which we don’t host, can only be used with the basic free functionality, plugins cannot be used either because myVolumio is missing.