Volumio 3 Library issue

First congratulations on the sound improvement with Volumio 3.
My system is Raspberry pi with Digione hat and music on ssd via usb.
All works well but I have a problem with the way album tracks are sorted for double albums (or triple….). Sorting goes like this: cd1-track1, cd2-track1, cd3-track1, cd1-track2, cd2-track2, cd3-track2, cd1-track3, cd2-track3, cd3-track3, ….etc.
So I can’t play these albums in the right order which is very annoying.
This was never an issue with Volumio 2.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Please see: Volumio 3 issues: hints and solutions before posting a new issue.
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I’d ensure your own media music file tags are formatted neatly to start with.
for multiple cd albums I rename to 101, 102 (first cd), 201, 202 etc.

Still having issues trying to get it to recognise VA albums, comes up with 30 albums (for example) instead of 30 tracks on the same album). No idea, annoying af, no matter how you search (file-usb, genre or album, searching).


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Not sure if I understand your problem.
If you open Artist => Various Artist it will show the albums. Then if you open an album it will show the tracks.
What different behavior do you get?

Sorry just saw this now, don’t seem to get notifications (will check the settings - may be missing something but don’t get an email when someone replies etc)

Basically any type of search finds and lists every track on a VA as a separate album, and as such only plays the first track. They are properly tagged etc and works perfectly in Foobar so nfi what’s going on.
The only way it plays full albums is if i manually navigate to USB and expand the folders.

hope this makes sense, just installed the update but doesn’t seem to treat the files differently. may do a rescan.

ps. The default is: Various,various,Various Artists,various artists,VA,va
I assume that will pick up any of those tags (mine are typically VA, contributing artists is VA in windows details)