Volumio 3 launch issues

Volumio Version: v3.whateverlaunchdayis
Hardware: Raspberry pi 3B+
DAC: Schiit modi 3

Couple of things when installing V3 on launch yesterday on a fresh card (I also wiped the card for a second fresh install to help the following issues). The first reboot after installation results in failure to boot. I took some pictures of the screen(ssh still works a bit), was unable to get it copied in text here due to non responsiveness. While it was booted the plugin store didn’t work even though I had successfully logged into myvolumio. Thirdly, my dac was not recognized (did a lsusb command and it didn’t recognize it was plugged in). Lastly, tried to modify the trigger happy commands like my old install of v2 (using flirc) and the old commands simply didn’t work.

I appreciate all your work, but since it wont boot at all now, will be remaining on my old install for the time being. Hope these screen caps help

This smells of SD card issues, there is also a /dev/sda1 device? Could you unplug any external usb devices and try with a clean, freshly flashed image?

I actually tried a different sd card yesterday. For one brief glorious moment everything was working, the dac was recognized etc. Then I started indexing my music library on a flash drive, it stalled, I rebooted and it wiped the drive and now my dac doesn’t show up anymore either. FML. Thanks for the suggestion though

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Screen grabs don’t show any thing. Please learn how to send logs:

Would you share some system logs please?

Also, double check that you are using a decent power supply (preferably not a mobile charger).

In this case, Volumio won’t start, the boot sequence ends with the emergency state. You can’t get logs from it unfortunately.
Still smells.