Volumio 3 hosed the best feature of Volumio

Yes I know there are to camps on this matter :slight_smile:
I am aware that in theory it’s a valid point. If you use poor cables which causes a lot of checksum errors, which will bleed the buffer, you will notice. Not by “My music is so more detailed…” but by less skipping and stuttering.
As long as we are in the digital domain, the pi has no clue on data relevant timing because the data is music. It’s just data that needs to go from A to B. If it is bit perfect it will sent 10101101 as 10101101. If this was not the cause the rPi would not even be able to boot.

I do agree that it is smart to dedicate a core only for handle the music, as you want the process running clean and smooth as possible.


in case you want to make friends here with such under par comments and then dare to ask for support, then you should rethink your strategy.
Please stay polite if you want to be a part of the community or stay quiet if you don’t.


I’m not looking to make friends, I stated my opinion, if you don’t like it feel free to skip reading it or replying to it. Pandora support is gone, accessing plex shares gone, you need to create an account to see the plugins, etc, etc. Bye Volumio!


Yeah. That’s a little harsh and completely unhelpful.

What are your specific areas of concern with version 3?

If you want obtain version 2 you can Google “Volumio 2.917” and the 4th one down(at the time of this writing) has a bit torrent magnet link to download it. Assuming you need the Raspberry Pi version.

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Thanks. My biggest gripe is the fact that it completely hosed all the settings from V2, removed Pandora and Plex support, those where the two features that made me use this software in the first place and also forcing users to create an account to install plugins. Switched to Moode Audio.


To be fair, please understand that plugins are not from the Volumio Team, but a community development.
It makes no sense to make the Volumio Team responsible for that.
Plus, when you were updating, you got a big window telling you that all settings would be rest. Your choice was to continue.

Hopefully Moode works out for you. It is very stable and feature rich. My only gripe about Moode is that is sounds like Volumio version 3(harsh, thin, and brittle) Rune sounds pretty good, but up until now Volumio just sounded more “right” on all of the systems I tried it on.

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Thanks Jay!


Yapp, who has got ears is able to hear it. :nerd_face:

The more clearance in hights is nice to have, but I think I prefere the old bombastic sound - as Darko said.
But the poorer depth imaging is painful :weary:



I don’t feel like doing blind tests, but my feeling is that Volumio 3 sounds better, although the acoustic perception is always a very subjective thing.
It would be interesting, however, if the developers could have their say on the matter.


I have two Raspberry 4s running, one with moode, one with volumio. The latter with the DigiOne transport, otherwise identical. In the last months I mostly listened with moode, because I like the sound better: more transparent, more details, better dynamics. Only for Qobuz I switched to volumio. With volumio 3 the sound is very close to moode, perhaps even a tick better (but I need to do more tests to be sure). The difference between volumio 2 and 3 is really considerable, I noticed it right away, before I had read the current thread. For me, it is an improvement, I am glad that volumio is back in business, soundwise.


Blind tests are the only way to prove to yourself that there is a noticable difference and its not just placebo.


For me too, it is goodbye; because an account is required for using plugins.
It is either to collect the user’s data or to nudge users in the direction of a paid account (or both).


I’m sorry to read such thing.
It has been clearly written that plugin wrote by users remains free. If not all plugins are already available in volumio 3, it is because the author didn’t write a version for that and volumio team didn’t had time to rewrite it…
And if you or someone else want to write a plugin that provides same features than in Myvolumio, no problems if it respect general requirements for plugin.
So, please don’t peddle.such thing. :wink:


Its already been stated that its not for data collection. What data do you think they are collecting ? I mean you have already signed up here. So what is the difference?

Options for the paranoid… Sign up, install the plugins you want, then sign out.
Install the plugins manually, no sign up involved at all
Currently the plugins still work without being signed in

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We do not accept spreading lies about the Volumio Teams intentions


I suspect that this thread has now run it’s course. People are very welcome to contribute constructively in their own new thread, but closing this one now.

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Regarding the plugins, I think it’s useful to copy a post I made just last month in the Volumio 3 Beta channel.
This should clear all concerns about plugins and why we took this decision:

Actually, Volumio is what it has always been: an open-source project, backed by a company, which needs funding to operate and improve.

In the beginning, our source of income was just the OEM (providing Volumio technology to manufacturers), but this ended up in us developing only what was prioritized by such companies. With MyVolumio we achieved the ability to develop features asked by the community, since the revenues helped do the required investments.

I am not sure what you mean by “commercial”, but it’s good to clarify what we are planning and what is the rationale behind it.

The plugin store as we have designed it will allow any developer to publish their plugins either free (as it is now) or paid. The infrastructure is already there (with this new iteration) and once Volumio3 is up and running we will do the remaining part (UI and payment provider).

The idea behind it is that this way, if someone wishes to sell their plugins, they can do so, and hopefully get something back from it. Or, attract other services providers to publish “top-notch” stuff into Volumio.
We are also considering to publish eventually some of our plugins outside of the subscription plan (we get this request a lot from the community) but as of now, there is not a plan to do so.

That would go against our principles, and frankly be also quite counterproductive.
I’ve already stated elsewhere (in a couple of discussions) that we (as Volumio) are not against “competitor plugins” and that they will be accepted if they respect the same guidelines as all other plugins have to respect (first of which: do not conflict with the good working of Volumio core).

And that’s not just wishful thinking: we already do that. There is a third-party CD plugin (paid one) that is currently accepted into Volumio2. So, if we would have wanted to “boycott competitors” we would already have done it.

The example of CD Plugin is actually something that made us see the potential of this system. We offer a simple way for people who want to sell plugins to do it (without setting up clunky authentication and so on) and we provide a seamless experience to those who want to use them.

Publishing a plugin, free or paid, will be a prerogative of the developer.

Last, but not least, I personally think that competition (if fair) eventually lead to making things better. And this is our ultimate goal with Volumio = make it the best music player out there.
This requires skill, passion, motivation but also financial resources, hence the “commercial part”.

Side note, you might see that the things that we’ve worked on the most for Volumio3, are the ones that got suggested us in a poll we did in May to understand what our users wanted the most:

Last, consider that it requires us double the effort to do anything, as we are an open source project, trying to grow without betraying FOSS principles (which is freedom of choice). It would be much much more simpler to just do something proprietary, but we truly believe in the FOSS principles and in open ecosystem, so we won’t change this :wink:

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