Volumio 3 - Erased my local music library

RPi4, latest Volumio version was installed, library scan recoered nothing.

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My music is all there but playlists have gone.
Is there a way to restore or import them ? They were set up over time and are one important reason I like Volumio. Not sure I want to spent hours re-doing them or if I can recreate them from memory.

sources >> rescan

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Done that. Needed to get v3 update to recognise the music library. No playlists. Also some album art missing at beginning of library only !

Thanks for the offer but my database was something like 6 CDs that I ripped from Volumio straight onto the RPi. I think it’s easier to just re-rip them. Again, I really, really, really appreciate the offer, I’ve been in upsetting lost data situations before but this isn’t one of them, fortunately!

ok Jeff, then it’s still doable mine was a bit bigger around 100+ cd and a lot of work I had done in the years if you extract cd’s in flac you get the best result.

and a other one bites the dust. 3th now.


I was on Volumio 3 Virtuoso upgraded from Free Volumio.
Initially lost the Tidal as source and also could not find Tidal Connect or Spotify Connect.
Also one of my hdd was missing tho’ I did numerous update and scans.
Finally did a reflash and reinstalled .
Same thing for first two days, then decided to reduce one usb input which was a thumb drive from 3 to 2 Hdds. This did the trick for me. Now even Tidal as source and Tidal Connect is working and all my files are visible in the Library.
Hope it helps

dear alwong,
but with our drives the data was wiped from our (usb) drive after install,
i don’t read it in your post only that the drive didn’t show up,
did you test if all the data on the drive was still on the drive or not?

best regards,

Hi Dvo, we performed several tests after your feedback.
We can safely say that update do not touch anything on usb. We did not receive other such feedback from users.

So I think this happened to you because of something you might have done to the install.
If you get in touch with us we can analyze the situation together and find the root cause of your problem.

i’m still looking what could have happend, i see it for now that is happens a few times with people
what i did is i installed the 3.152 clean let it do it’s thing and after trying a rescan of the stick,
it found nothing, removed the drive and put it in a pc looked in the folder and the whole drive was empty.
if it would get corrupted it would not show a drive or letter i didn’t format it because i had to recover some
of the stuf on the drive. tested the drive for a few days in my pc without any hickups so sticks functions ok.
so my guess is that some how in the install of volumio it preformed a wipe.

and my stick is a sandisk extreme pro 256 gig ssd
if you need any help or testing just ask,
in all the installs i have done in the years this is the first time that it happend with the 3.152

I just had the exact same thing happen to me.
I just updated from v2 to v3.173

The connected USB drive is formatted as ext4. I can see the drive and it mounts fine, but there is nothing in it anymore.
I verified by enabling ssh and logging in to check the drive status.
In my case it is over 100GB of music and so could really use help in recovery.

Any idea why this happened?

Hi Jeremy,

i can’t help you with that because i’m a windows based person and ext4 isn’t a windows file system,
but a linux file system so i can’t do anything with it on a windows machine.

but don’t use the usbstick or drive to write to any more otherwise recovery is less possible,
use it only for the recovery.

why volumio wipes a drive is not yet clear but they are looking in to it.
i hope that linux has the same recovery tools as in windows.

best regards,

Thank you.
@volumio Any other ideas what may have happened? It seems very unexpected.

Same thing happened to me — just updated to 3.7x from 3.6x and usb drive wiped out.

I don’t think the data on usb was deleted. You can try to plug it to a Windows/Linux pc to check.

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Very weird. This also happened to me! I had problems in the past with my drive on Volumio2. I needed to manually mount it. I updated to Volumio3 (starting with RC and OTA to 3.173) and I only noticed today that my USB was mounted but empty! Confirmed by mounting on PC.

RPi4, Samsung T7 SSD, formatted exFAT (default) - worked for months with Volumio 2. Upgraded to Volumio 3 which wiped it completely including all files/folders and it also no longer connects with my iPad (which it also did perfectly fine before)

What was the label of the HDD?

I believe it was just “T7”

Just noticed the same thing has happened to me. I have lost all music on usb hard drive. I think this happened when I upgraded to volumio 3. Very annoying.