Volumio 3 - Erased my local HD music library after copying files into /data/favourites of Volumio


Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 3.198
Hardware: RPI 4
DAC: McIntosh DA1

Debug Log


Steps to Reproduce

  1. After allowing under http://volumio.local/dev the SSH I have connected to Volumio using WinSCP. On Volumio 3 devices are connected via USB: USB Thumb 256 GB, USB HD 1 TB and USB 2 cable to DAC (McIntosh DA1 built in my apmlifier.
  2. After movon from Volumio 2 to 3 I was missing the favorite list of FLAC Radio stations and Playlist. Before migrating i have used plug-in to make back up. So I have extracted the files from back-up on my windows pc:

-favorites (my-web-radio and radio-favourites)
-playlists (4 different)

  1. Using the WinSCP I have overwritten the favorites (/data/favourites) and playlists (/data/playlist)
  2. this has worked without any problems but afterwards I wanted to hear music from my HD-USB drive and at once it was empty. Checking at PC has proved my misfortune...all files on the drive were erased.

Additional Information

This happen at 16.02.2022 so in the log you will not see it…the drive is dismounted.
I will rebuild my music library but I have already lost a lot of time figuring out, what else I had on this drive-recovery make no sense, because the the data are no in the same folders…

I would be glad to help you with this information to improve Volumio and avoid such situation in the future.

Regards from Aachen,

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I had a 256 gb thumbdrive with all my music on it, this is in my PI3b+ with a PIFI hat on it. I plugged in my chromecast audio to a usb port, then later found my thumbdrive was erased!!! One of the forum guys suggested it was maybe drawing too much power, and somehow this erased the stick! Maybe this helps.
I have a music back up, so not too big a problem for me.

Hey Jiffy,

I have read this post about drop of voltage/current on USB port and erasing the memory. In my opinion it sounds misterious…I think the problem is somewhere else.


Yeah, this is not really the summary.
As multiple users reported that they have been able to recover the files, it appears that the drive hasn’t been erased. If that is the case most likely something happened to the table which keeps track on what is on that drive. A possible reason that this table gets corrupted can be related to power dips as it appears to be random.

There is no such thing as a true erase… provided the drive itself is not damaged or corrupted, then ALL deleted files can be recovered.
I’ve done this a few times with old hard drives, it’s amazing what files you discover that you’ve forgotten about as they had long since been deleted.

Anyway, I use software from EaseUS for many years.

there will be corrupted files on the drive so not all is recovered