Volumio 3 continues not supporting m3u and other standard Playlists

I have been a Volumio user almost from day one - but there is still no support for m3u and other popular play list. I thought Volumio 3 would address this ongoing short coming - but alas not.

Make sure to do a Feature Request in Volumio “Development/Suggest a feature”. It is the only way to get attention for you suggestion.

Was requested multiple times, but no response yet.
I am already satisfied with a possibility to create dynamical playlists in volumio.
Same as implemented in JRiver.
Genre contains: [Rock, Pop,…] (Only show these genres)
Albumyear: [stars with 198] (only music from 1980 till 1989)
Limits: [x songs per albumartist]
Limits: [x tracks per album]
Random play list: [Yes/No]

These playlist wil be generated when you open them

My “tuppence”(two pennies originally, now £0.02), this is a long going request that should be addressed. Now is not a good time, while the main bugs are ironed out of Volumio 3, but when issues are sorted, I think that playlists/import should be properly incorporated.

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Maybe this can do the job?