Volumio 3 - cannot log into my account - demands email syntax (username@email.provider

Volumio Version: 3.301
Hardware: rp3
DAC: hifiberry +

Longtime user, no problem logging on here at the website, but new install of 3 doesn’t allow access to plugin management.

Version 2 does allow me to access plugin information without a myvolumio account being necessary. Is this a change in policy? Do I now require an account to manage plugins?

Thanks for your help in advance.

From version 3 you need a volumio account to use it.

Thank you for your reply. Not sure why this would be required, but now I know.

just open a free Volumio account, you don’t need a payed subscription.

Also note that the account is different from the one you sign in here with. Had me tricked for some attempts!