Volumio 3 - Cannot get access to my local music

Hi, I have installed the Volumio on my RP3, in the beginning - my local music from my USB SSD drive was shown in the web interface, but after first reboot - I cannot get access to it anymore. note: via SSH on /media/ folder - I can see my USB SSD drive, but cannot get access to it using the Volumio web-interface - as I did in the past on Volumio 2.

Solution anyone?
Thank you guys!!

you did add the USB via Network drives?

OK I understood what is the reason, I just performed apt-get update in SSH.
And that is the reason.
For now I have downgraded to Volumio 2.917
and all is fine.

I had the same issue. I solved it by manually editing the /etc/fstab file and adding the SSD drive to it.
There are many instructions how to do that on the web, for example, here. Good Luck!

Thank you! I will try that

Risky, you should edit fstab.tmpl as well to make it survive updates

Please if you start modifying /etc/fstab, please check if everything is correct by running:
sudo mount -a
Then you can see if the mount is working, before you have a distro that won’t boot anymore.

I am sorry but I do not know how to do that… someone can please help? I have read on the internet about that, but cannot understand what should I do in order to make it work

Thanks, good idea. So far the change was persistent, but any update might overwrite fstab, of course.

Yes, I did that :slight_smile:

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I suspect the issue arises with some SSD drives that are not (yet) up during boot stage when needed.

Here is what I did:

  1. go to volumio.local/dev in your browser, enable ssh
  2. open ssh to your volumio with user/pw volumio
  3. type e.g. lsbl -lf to find out uuid of your SSD partition
  4. open /etc/fstab as superuser with nano editor
  5. add a line such as “UUID=uuid mountpoint auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show 0 0”,
    where uuid is the UUID from step 3 and mountpoint the directory, where the partition is to be mounted
  6. If needed create the mount point, e.g. “mkdir /mnt/USB/MyMusic”
  7. Test that it works (see message by @Wheaten above)
  8. disable ssh again

Good luck & happy new year!

– Reiner