Volumio 3 Buster Beta for RPi

I understand that your frustrated that the paid feature isn’t working well, but this is a beta with a big disclaimer.

If it happens with the non-beta version as well, then reach out to to the official dedicated support at techsupport at volumio dot org :slight_smile:

All my streamers uses beta versions. It was ok but suddenly started to behave wrongly.
I guess beta comes with tidal and qobuz by default.
@balbuze. I know that you use qobuz, on your side it is ok?


Running V3.079 rPi4-4GB
4 plugins:

  • GPIO Buttons
  • Spotify
  • SystemInfo

No issues with Qobuz.

I also have, mpd oled, gpio buttons, spotify connect normal, peppymeter for volumio and touch display.
As soon as I reproduce it I will post a log.
It is strange because I do not use volumio for 1 day, it remains up, then go to qobuz play a song then volumio process reachs 100% cpu. Volumio vrestart fix it.

Again. In version 3.079, the WiFi network configuration with static IP continues to be erased. It turns off properly configured and when starting it is not configured. I don’t know if the same thing happens with dynamic IP… I already reported this problem in previous versions.

Press next on qobuz Playlist and on screen appear Michael Jackson beat it but the song actually being played is the Jackson… Place hotel… I guess is the 10th song in the Playlist

And sometimes when a song is started, play for a little 500ms to 1 second then is restarted

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Yes, but as stated in the first post, plugins were disabled for exactly this reason – there are lot of things that can go wrong, and lead to a bad experience.

Bad experiences are not nice, especially when you are paying for something, and people get frustrated!

Hence, I would again request that you check if the problem persists with a non-beta v2.907 version with. If it does, as a paying customer, you get tech support via email, so please use that.

Here we are mostly community members, who contribute to Volumio development in our free time, tying to improve the overall Volumio experience… :slight_smile:

I know this :slight_smile: I love volumio with good and bad things :).
If other user do not have these issues then definitely it is on my setup the problem. I do not want to use the time of the support if the problem is specific and not affect others.
In am pretty sure if there is a reak issue with qobuz or volumio, dev team will fix it.
Waiting patiently and without frustration :smiley: the series version for buster.
Ps. Volumio without plugins is kind of usuless for me :frowning: but maybe you will find something useful in the above logs


Kindly pls find a log with the error reproduced

Volumio on all. Night, cpu 2%, go to qobuz, play a song from a playlist, volumio process goes to 100%.

What Could go wrong?

Thanks for your time.

Lintbf, please stop requesting help about plugins in the 3.0x versions. Post in another thread to prevent making this thread any more complex than it is. Thank you.

Edit: to clarify … requesting help whilst still using plugins in the 3.0x versions.

Hi, it was about qobuz… But I Wil stop. Thanks

Yes, but please at least try disabling all the other plugins you have installed, else we are chasing bugs without any clue where they are coming from!

Can you reproduce this on a fresh 3.x install? (no manually installed plugins!)

I have set now open dns server and set fix ip adress not through DHCP. I will watch.

Open a shell and use ping with a time stamp: If it goes sour, you know when.

ping www.google.com | while read pong; do echo “$(date): $pong”; done


Without any plugin, when pressing play in qobuz Playlist, volumio process goes to 50% until it started to play, for about 1s then back to 1% On buster with plugins, when I press play volumio process goes to 100% then after 5 seconds the song is started and volumio process goes back to 3 %.

Updated version to 3.080 …

I installed Volumiobuster-3.080-2021-07-27-pi . My first impression is that it is responding quicker, than V 2. However, I hit to this: It does not play some specific radio stations, which work in version 2, e.g. it is about Europa Radio Jazz 88.3 Smooth Jazz HD.

My board is RPi 4B 2G
no USB devices
SD card is 16G
When I tap on the option “clear queue and play” , this message occurs: “it can not decode and it is refused,…”

Bunch of other stations play very well, may be better than in version 2.

BUG (Previous/Next)
How to reproduce:
Play a track, press previous, audio is lost. If you fast press Pause/Play audio comes back.
Stop played track, hit previous, nothing happens.
This behaviour is very random. Sometimes audio comes back, sometimes you have to repeat it multiple times.

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 4 w/ 8GB
DAC: Schiit Asgard w/ Multibit DAC (USB)
Version: 3.080

Tidal implementation still appears to be broken. Various issues…

  1. Clicking on Tidal → Tracks → Pick the last song and nothing plays
    1a. It appears that once you’ve scrolled passed the first page of songs, the playlist order is off. This means it’ll attempt to play 3 songs ahead of whatever you’ve chosen. Song + 3 will be what will be played

  2. Tidal Connect appears and vanishes
    (at first I thought it might be multicasting issues, or mdns, however when I looked at my chromecast devices that span across vlans they were working without issues.)
    2a. Tidal Connect, over ethernet disappears and fails to be discovered all the time.

  3. Tidal Connect will allow your client to connect and start playing song. Randomly it’ll appear to be playing but no audio

  4. Tidal process crashes …tosses an exception


Please let me know what I can do to help. I’ve provided details under other posts, but I’m now trying here with the beta.

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I am with the latest version in Rasp3, I still have the problem already mentioned several times, the wireless network configuration is deleted.
Is it a problem only mine and that is why it is not commented or solved?