Volumio 3 Buster Beta for RPi

This method works, but it is not plain to me why the design would require enabling updates, through an explicit process even when such updates are initialized manually.

Is this restrictions documented? I have no memory of reading about it.

Well, anyway, I have the update installed, but still have the problem of non-working functionality for appending to the queue.

You have to activate dev mode in order to test untested, unstable version…

The requirement is sensible as stated, but I think the earlier confusion follows from its occurring on a system that already had been running a beta release. Perhaps the requirement should be waived for upgrades along an existing development tract.

The beta version has been pushed in order to be tested. Other build are made for Dev test. They are not intended to be used. Of course you can still test, but it may not work, or features may be disabled.

Let me clarify my comment with a concrete example. Suppose a user is running a beta version and then manually invokes the command to check for a new version. Following the current design, the application will report that no new version is available, if dev mode is not enabled. Why would you characterize this behavior as desirable? If the user is running a beta version and requests a more recent version, then almost universally such a user would wish to see a prompt indicating the availability of any new beta version and an option to proceed installing it. I can think of no obvious general case in which a user running a beta version, and asking the application for a new version, would prefer that the application report no new version being available.

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So, you mean that it is still an improvement that has to be implemented in the Web UI, not by the triggerhappy, don’t you?
Thank you for your answers.

Exactly, this feature/improvement would then benefit all versions of Volumio. This should be simple to implement, but of-course I am not a front end guy so I could be wrong :wink:

So, let’s hope that Volumio guys take note of this. :grinning:

Wenn ich HifiBerry Dac2 HD verwende, scheint es nicht zu funktionieren. (Siehe Bilder)
Version 3.079
Hifi Berry Dac2HD

Hier das Log: http://logs.volumio.org/volumiobuster/6caEAm1.html

Output-Device Error_ALSA device

With Allo BOSS there are no mistakes! :grinning: :muscle: :+1:

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Updated version to 3.079 …


I can confirm that, it happened to me too in Qobuz. Sometimes it is 1 minute or more. The track is not over, the GUI continues but the sound is gone …
With Skip the next track is played normally with sound and again at the end the sound is suddenly gone.
No improvement even after reboot.

Version 3.079

3.079 buster beta
Qobuz, after 1 day of inactivity. If I want to play a song from a playlist, volumio process goes to 100%. In order to fix this I need to perform a volumio vrestart and it is ok.
Pls fix. This is a payed service.

I understand that your frustrated that the paid feature isn’t working well, but this is a beta with a big disclaimer.

If it happens with the non-beta version as well, then reach out to to the official dedicated support at techsupport at volumio dot org :slight_smile:

All my streamers uses beta versions. It was ok but suddenly started to behave wrongly.
I guess beta comes with tidal and qobuz by default.
@balbuze. I know that you use qobuz, on your side it is ok?


Running V3.079 rPi4-4GB
4 plugins:

  • GPIO Buttons
  • Spotify
  • SystemInfo

No issues with Qobuz.

I also have, mpd oled, gpio buttons, spotify connect normal, peppymeter for volumio and touch display.
As soon as I reproduce it I will post a log.
It is strange because I do not use volumio for 1 day, it remains up, then go to qobuz play a song then volumio process reachs 100% cpu. Volumio vrestart fix it.

Again. In version 3.079, the WiFi network configuration with static IP continues to be erased. It turns off properly configured and when starting it is not configured. I don’t know if the same thing happens with dynamic IP… I already reported this problem in previous versions.

Press next on qobuz Playlist and on screen appear Michael Jackson beat it but the song actually being played is the Jackson… Place hotel… I guess is the 10th song in the Playlist

And sometimes when a song is started, play for a little 500ms to 1 second then is restarted

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Yes, but as stated in the first post, plugins were disabled for exactly this reason – there are lot of things that can go wrong, and lead to a bad experience.

Bad experiences are not nice, especially when you are paying for something, and people get frustrated!

Hence, I would again request that you check if the problem persists with a non-beta v2.907 version with. If it does, as a paying customer, you get tech support via email, so please use that.

Here we are mostly community members, who contribute to Volumio development in our free time, tying to improve the overall Volumio experience… :slight_smile: