Volumio 3 and IR Remote Control

I just upgraded to Volumio 3. Therefor I had to reflash the SD card of my Pi as OTA did not work. Reconfiguring the whole I wanted to install the IR Remote Control plugin to allow me to use my JustBoom IR remote control. However I can no longer find this plugin in the list available (user interface nor system hardware). What I am missing here or is there a new way to get this working again?

The IR Controller plugin is still pending for approval:

You can follow the status of plugins for Volumio 3 here.

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Thanks gvolt but is there a way presently to use the remote feature with Volumio player…kindly suggest

I used the JB remote as well prior to version 3. Is there any ETA on when this will become available?

Not to my knowledge. Sadly plugin approval seems to have stalled overall. If need be, you can install the plugin manually. @ashthespy was so kind to post a .zip package made from the current PR on GitHub: [PLUGIN] IR Remote Controller feedback thread - #269 by ashthespy

Thanks! This actually did work. Here is what should work for those wanting this plugin also (steps adapted from michael8166):
(I am doing this from a Windows PC so I unzipped the file on the PC first using 7zip)

sudo mv /mnt/INTERNAL/ir_controller_3.4.7/ /home/volumio/
cd ~/ir_controller_3.4.7
sudo ./install.sh
sudo volumio plugin install

I then restarted Volumio using the web GUI. The plugin should then show up under installed plugins.

Hope this helps!

This is not necessary: “install.sh” is executed automatically when running “volumio plugin install”.

IIRC it is not recommended to use “sudo” when running “volumio plugin install”.

After connecting to Volumio via SSH I would do something like the following to download the .zip file ashthespy has uploaded and install the plugin manually:

curl -L https://community.volumio.org/uploads/short-url/xWzEWvQ0cYeH8YwGhctGfSLpYs3.zip -o ir_controller.zip

mkdir ir_controller_3.4.7

miniunzip ir_controller.zip -d ir_controller_3.4.7

cd ir_controller_3.4.7

volumio plugin install

After the installation has finished press Ctrl-c.

Thought I already responded… gvolt, just tried your steps above and they do work like a charm!

Thanks for the corrections on sudo.