Volumio 3.3 Internet radio streaming problem

Hi, I have the RPI3B plus Allo Boss 1.2 kit.
The current version of Volumio 3.378 works on this.

I listen to internet radio a lot and that’s what my question is about.
Every now and then - let’s say once - I lose one channel twice a day.
For several dozen or so seconds only the right speaker plays, then the situation returns to normal.

I have ruled out a problem with the physical channel in Allo Boss - there is no problem with FLAC / Mp3 files.
I have ruled out a problem with the physical channel of the amplifier - on vinyl and on the files from the previous example - the problem does not exist either.

Maybe someone had a similar problem - or has so far and will let me diagnose and solve it.

Can you try to use the same streaming on your PC, so we can also rule out if this is related to the streaming source?

I will try - but it can be difficult - nothing like this happens at predictable intervals.
I use Radio 357 and Radio Nowy świat.

I did a little verification

I have Volumio configurations in the latest version on RPI plus DAC Allo Boss 1.2.
Everything has been working together flawlessly for over 2 years - Volumio updates regularly.
I’ve had the following problem for some time:
On any source - radio stream, spotify, mp3, FLAC:
At random times, one channel loses 90% of its power. The left one plays great, the right one just barely…
and so on for 30s-90s more or less, then returns to normal operation…
I eliminated the amplifier and speakers - there is no such problem with the turntable.

Has anyone encountered this kind of problem?

It seems to me that this is an Allo Boss or Volumio problem - I would like to confirm with other users.

please exclude the Allo and try the same with headphone jack.
Provide log.

All in all, right :slight_smile: as soon as I find the cable, I will test :slight_smile: Thanks!

or just with a headphone.
Need to exclude parts of your system to narrow down where the issue is coming from.