Volumio 2 with Hifiberry Digi doesn't boot

So a friend of mine and I have the same problem. Hardware setup is a RPi 3 and the Hifiberry Digi+ (no pro, no transformer).
We tried the Volumio version offered by Hifiberry itself, which works but is outdated. We tried to use a berryboot image from berryboot.alexgoldcheidt.com/images/ (it’s a 2.03).
Everything works fine until we choose to use I2S and Hifiberry Digi+ -> After that the system reboots but it doesn’t get back. The network interface ist down so you can’t SSH in.

Things I tried:

  • detatching the Hifiberry Board and rebooting
  • adding “force_eeprom_read=0” to the config.txt
  • updating to 2.04 first, but it’s stuck while creating a backup on 20%

But it still doesn’t even boot berryboot, so we have to reinstall it every time.

So any ideas?

Best regards