Volumio 2 web UI improvement?

Not sure it is the right place where to post
Want to say I really like the new UI, but found myself a bit puzzled, in a particular situation (a picture is better than blabla, so here it is)

Volumio 2.019-cubox.jpg

The three dots on top right hand side of the album picture, can hardly be spotted when this picture is white.
Ok, they turn green when you ave the cursor above it, but I find they are not so visible.
Why not placing these under the album picture, to make them easier to spot?

Also, on the playback tab, the 24 bit tracks I have are shown as 32 bit (i.e. I play a 24/96 song and it shows 32/96), independent from the bitrate.
Doesn t really bother me as the DAC shows the actual bitrate.
Volumio 2.019-cubox.jpg

You’re right, but this was the best place we found, placing under the image would have wasted a lot of space…
We’ll try adding a darker background under the 3 dots to see if it improves the situation