Volumio 2 - volume sync

Hi all, newbie to the forums but have been using Volumio 1.x for ages & just upgraded to 2.0 RC1.

I wanted to improve the volume control so that I can hook in a hardware rotary encoder, currently if I change the volume via alsamixer behind volumio’s back, then the UI just blats the volume with whatever is in the UI’s current state.

There’s a couple of ways of achieving this & wondered if anyone had a preference:

  1. Update the CoreVolumeController to poll the alsa mixer, pushing changes out to the UI if the volume changes behind it’s back .
  2. Add support for hardware encoders into volumio itself using something like pi-gpio.

I’m kinda new to node, but have been using angular for a year or so daily, so I’m sure I can muddle my way through :wink:

Cheers, Tub.

I believe most of the volume control code has been rewritten since RC1 was released as it didn’t work very well.

Ah cool, I’ll have a look at master properly before I make any plans :slight_smile:

The problem still exists. The web gui takes over the volume.

Is there any fix to this?

Polling Alsa for changes will be quite a unefficient method… What is more easy to do, is just send a signal to volumio core to update the volume… And you can do that easily:

You have the ws client github.com/volumio/Volumio2/blo … sclient.js .
Just call it from whenever you want, and send as a parameter volume 30 (to set volume to 30) .
Let me know how it goes


I connected a touschreen screen 7 ‘’ for Raspberry Pi, it looks and works well! Obviously not switch the screen in graphic mode!

Would you it possible (but am pretty sure that yes) to implement the operation with this screen!

In advance thank you!


A I forgot the new interface and really well done!