Volumio 2 - Spotify plugin gap-less playback

Is there a way to play tracks gap-less when streaming from Spotify through Spotify plugin ?
It would be useful for live concerts playback where there is no silence between songs.

This may be a Spotify setting and not a Volumio setting. The Spotify clients for PCs (Mac, Linux, Win) and phones (Android, iPhone) can set the gap between songs to enable a fade in-out and turn on gap-less playback. I am assuming the Volumio plugin inherits the settings you made with a regular Spotify client. I’d play with one of the clients supported by Spotify to get the playback setting you want, then see if that fixes it in Volumio.

On Android, go to the Spotify home screen, click the gear in upper right corner to get settings.
2nd entry is “Crossfade”, allows zero to 12 seconds.
3rd entry is gapless playback on or off.

Playback could also be affected by network latency, congestion (especially wifi) and if a few seconds of song have to be cached before it starts to play.

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your help.
My Volumio system is connected through ethernet, not wifi.
Unfortunately, gap-less playing is activated both on my PC and on my Android Phone in Spotify regular client but Volumio Spotify plugin does not inherit this setting.
But, when instructing Spotify regular client to play on Volumio through Volumio Spotify Connect plugin, gap-less is working fine.
So it seems that Spotify plugin lacks a parameter to set gap-less playing.

Do you use the Volumio plug-in or the Spotify connect plug-in from Balbuze?
With the latter there should not be any problem

I am using both, depending on the situation.
My Volumio system is a standalone system with official RPi 7" touchscreen.
When using it as standalone, Spotify plugin is available only.

No one with Spotify plugin knowledge to help me ?