Volumio 2: RPi3 and Hifi Digi+


so yesterday i was able to start my RPi3 with Volumio 2 (many thanks to AlphaPapa) and Volumio also detected my Digi+, but i got a lot of white noise at the output.

After some search i found several reports that this issue comes from the old kernel which the Volumio 2 RC1 was compiled with. Now i am wondering if there is also an other version with an different kernel or if i can compile it on my own? (or update the kernel?)

Otherwise my Pi3 and Digi+ is useless at the moment as Volumio 1.55 isn’t working on the new model.

best regards,

Unfortunately, you may have to wait a little while for RC2.

It’s really not far off, the last few bits are being worked on at the moment and then there will be a new version that should resolve this issue. Its a big step forward from RC1 hence the slightly longer than expected wait. Rest assured, it’s coming very soon!

Ok, I see, thanks for the fast reply! Then I will wait for it :slight_smile: